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    Good deal!! B.E.S.T Warranty (3 years)on ebay

    Just want to pass on some info I found. Hope I'm not stepping on any toes, but you can find Bombardier BEST 3 year warranties on ebay for $589. Florida residents can't get them because of some law, and Wisconsin residents must pay sales tax.

    Again, If this is against forum rules, just delete it. I just wanted to pass it along. I know many of you get your warranties from your dealer, but some of us have dealers with prices almost double that.

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    u didn't step on anyone's toes... that's good info for everyone..

    just as a note for everyone, before you commit to the purchase, make sure you ask the dealer if the prices vary depending when you bought the ski. TECHNICALLY there's a $100 dollar surcharge if you buy the extended warranty 60 days AFTER the date of purchase. Not sure if his price will fluctuate AFTER the fact...

    look into it, definitely a great price depending on any "codnitions!"

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    Shibby, headed down to Ocean City boat show this Fri. Hoping to purchase 2006 RXT. Any tips??? BEST vs loan??

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    if u got the bills, of course it's better to pay it rather than lose the interest.... but for someone that's looking to get into a great machine without putting much moeny upfront for it and maintaining a small monthly payment, it's a great rate!!

    the 5.9% for 72 months works out to be $16.57 for every thousand dollars financed... so pretty much get a top of the line machine and you'll be paying jsut under 200 bucks a month with almost NOTHING down... it's great for newbies and people without alot of money. they come in and toss 1-2k downpayment on a GTI and they have a brand new 4-stroke machine for like 90 bucks a month but 72 months is a longgg time

    the BEST warranty only gets you one extra year... and chances are u'll want to buy the other 2 years of warranty so you have a total of FOUR years coverage, and you are ultimately only saving about 100 bucks or something when you need to buy the 2 year warranty versus the 3 year warranty. (example... let's say you finance it and then buy 3 year warranty for 799 bucks... VERSUS let's say u take the free extended warranty and buy 2 extra years for 699 bucks...)

    weigh your financial situation and see what the best alternative is for you... if you can't work something good at the show, give me a call and I'll see if I can get something better for you or not

    good luck! keep me posted

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    I went ahead and bought a 2 year warranty from this dealer on ebay. The cost was $539 (3 year $589) . I already had a 2 year, so I could only get 2 more. There was no surcharge (I bought my RXP in Feb 05) or tax unless you are from Wisconsin, but there is a $3 mailing fee. Great deal, if anybody is looking. I was looking at 2 years for $749 at PPG before I stumbled across this.

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