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    Depth finder, Air temp guage

    Ok, I don't think I have seen this brought up yet, but I did see in another thread that someone installed a depth finder. I would want to go one step further and install a unit that displays water temp, air temp and the depth. I'm not sure if the heat in or around the hull would affect the guages at all, nor do I have an idea where I would install it yet. Anyone know of any products that may have this capability?

    Also, it seems that the Etrex seems to be most popular for this waterproof?

    I don't think this info is on Skip's page, I don't want him going off on me...

    JK Skip, I know how you must feel. I refer to your page all the time, and thank you as well as TN. You both do everyone great service by providing your findings to the rest!

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    There is a Hawkeye depth finder made for PWCS. Transducer is installed on inside hull. Supposed to be accurate up to 60mph.

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    My etrex legend is definately waterproof. I bailed off several times last Saturday with it around my neck. The manual says 1m for .5 hour I think.


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    i can do the forerunner w/ a 2 yr. replacement warranty and the handlebar mount for 155.00 as a package.

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    i had one of those hawkeyes on my fx-ho didnt last . readings werent guaranteed all time and poorly constructed hit a monster wave one time totaly drenched the whole ski and water got inside the display unit and it was toast !! i ripped it off and threw it in the water ... it did give me readings though some time at slow speed 15 mph and lower i read depths at 88 feet under the verazanno bridge ! pretty cool dont know how acurate though

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    I was wonderin about quality. I guess accuracy under 15mph could still have some value but I thought unit was waterproof. I think a depth finder would be great when puttering around near shoals or sandbars. If you have a SD you can buy factory unit but its over $400 to add on. That hawkeye is about $120.

    I'd like some large easy to read guages just as mentioned here as shown in photos.
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    Cool. I am going to research this tonight. Thanks for the heads up...I didnt know of any companies out there that made this item.

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    its shoot through hull technology you have to glue it in the bottom of the hull the transom mount ones are much more accurate they are for boats though would never last 10 min on a jet ski !

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    BMW, how did you mount the Hawkeye display? Did you look at the others on the market? I wonder if any on market now are accurate. SD dfndrs are supposed to be accurate so why not after market?

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    After about an hour of searching, I think I finally found what I want. Just hoping it is waterproof.

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