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    FX140 Turbo Project

    Hello, I am looking for some insight on what is required to turbo a Yamaha fx140 mr1. I have already done quite a bit of research and have 90% of my parts mapped out, but there are still some gray areas where I need answers. Any help on this is much appreciated.

    Questions So Far:
    1. What boost pressures should I shoot for? I have picked out a manual boost controller and will plumb up a gauge, Iím thinking 5-10 psi on stock pistons?
    2. Do I need a aftermarket ecu or injectors? So far Iíve found tuning for the stock ecu, aftermarket race ecuís, and bigger injectors(around 43 psi), do I need the bigger injectors, and aftermarket ecu? Or can will a properly tuned stock one react just as well with a turbo.
    3. What impeller should I use? I am very optimistically shooting for close to 200hp out of this build, so I need a more agressive impeller to compensate and get more speed out of it. So far I have a stolas 14-20 picked out, will this be enough?
    4. How do you plumb up a water to air inter cooler in a waverunner? I have one picked out, and a spot for it to go in the ski(where the secondary plastic muffler is now). But I need to know how to plumb it up to the factory cooling system.

    Well thatís all the questions for now, and if anyone reads this, like I said, any amount of help is appreciated.

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    can't wait to see how this works out.

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    What is your goal? Speed? There might be a much easier (and cheaper) way of getting there.

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