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    Should I change my ECU tune?

    I have a 2011 FZS with a R&D R3 tune, ET low boost wheel, cold air intake w/ added air into the hull, Fizzle w/ dedicated cooling line, blow off valve, TJ exhaust mod, Jim's modified VX ride plate, R&D Intake grate and a Solas 15/23.

    I don't have retainers or an RRFPR and because I might trade skis in the future I really don't want to add them right now.
    The ski runs great, hooks up solid and pulls to 8650 rpm at 79.5mph.

    I do feel there is more to squeeze out of my current set up because at full speed I'm pretty rich, (10.5).
    My R3 tune is from 2014 and I wondering if I would be better off with a new Dean's team or Riva tune?
    To save money I would just do the mail in tune service.

    Anyone done this? Any gains? Suggestions?

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    The old R&D tune is ancient technology and you will certainly benefit from the MaptunerX tune.
    The MaptunerX is the way to go. Reflash your ecu in minutes without having to send it anywhere.

    Upgrade tunes at any time and it costs you nothing extra.

    Optionally use the MaptunerX for diagnostics, programming keys, and data logging.

    Very easy to use! The GreenHulk Store offers MaptunerX tuning packages at discounted pricing.
    click here

    If you choose to do the mail in tune, we offer that discounted also. click here

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