I was talking to Brian today at Riva and I was told to take my regulator off ,flip it upside down where the gage was upright , take the rubber plug out so pressure inside the gauge and outside the gauge would equalize then put it back to the way it was, well sounded like a bunch of crap until I did it. I just programmed my 05 rxt , adjust the fuel pressure to 50 psi , then took it for a run , afrs were about 10, could get about 7000 RPM, plugs were black
so when I took the rubber plug out of the gauge it jumped up from 50 to 90, I had to turn it three full turns to get to 58 psi. it was 40 PSI higher than what the gage said. obviously it wasn't the first time it ever happened ,but it was the first time i ever heard about it