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    2002 Kaw 110STX di oil line to intake manifold

    2002 KAW 1100 stx di jetski
    How in the world to you get to the oil lines connected to the intake manifold.
    I have a oil leak that appears to be coming from one of the three lines running under the carb. to the intake and bearing.
    I am sure they are cracked due to age and need replaced. But I do not want to pull the engine to replace those oil lines.
    Is there a method to getting to those oil line connections to the intake.
    I have a manual but it only shows connections and does not give any advice how to replace.
    No Youtube video has been found
    Appreciate any help. Will not ride it until fixed , so engine does not blowup.

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    Not all that hard, really. Remove the airbox, then remove the intake manifold. Leave the new hoses extra long to give yourself more hose to work with. Secure the hoses to the nipples on the manifold and on the oil pump with .025" stainless steel safety wire. Wrap the wire around the hose twice, then twist the ends of the wire together. Cut off the excess wire and bend the end over so you don't cut yourself on it in the future. Replace the manifold and airbox.

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    is the TYGON oil line 1/8 ID x 1/4 OD the correct oil line for this jetski.
    My manual does not give the specs for the replacement oil line.
    there might be a oil line kit but have not found one for sale
    Appreciate any help.

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    Tygon is good stuff. They don't give you specs because they want you to by hose from them!

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