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    problem with Seadoo XP

    Fixing a freinds xp -98, it wont start, pulled the pluggs and cranked it and fuel sprayes out like a hose out of one cyl, i have pulled the carbs, before i take them appart, what can the problem be?

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    your needles might be dirty or stuck open or even the diaphram is holding the needle open and check the little rod that the needle arm pivots on is seated all the way down,
    another thing to check is the vent on the tank, if it doesn't work pressure will build in the tanks popping your needles open

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    Now i have fixed the carbs, it was one neddle that wasnt in place, the ski runs good but it wery hard to start when it has warmed up, checked the plugs and the color on them are good after 15 min run, but itīs wery hard to start, can it be the coil?

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    I forgot to mention that the previos owner or owners has not got the ski to work, it starts up now but itīs hard to start when itīs warm after 10 min ride and it doesnīt charge the batteri, tested it with the multimeter and itīs 12,8 volt even when itīs running should be 13,5 or more, Coil? rectifier? stator?

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    rectifier is an easy check. unplug the red wire and see if the problem goes away. your battery wont be charging so ride accordingly. i think you should be able to get 30 min out of a fully charged battery, if not more.

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    Ok i can do that, but it doesnīt charge now either with the red wire on the rectifier plugged in

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    then i would say your rectifier is bad. and when they go bad, they cause lots of electrical gremlins.

    ooops forgot that the ski is a 98xp. not sure how the rectifier works in that one. probably not the same wiring scheme.

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    Yeah itīs a -98 the biggest problem is that 30% of the wiring is "homemade" and absolutly non of the gauges work not even the VTS, but i have promised him to have it in good running condition and charging will work and the rest will be his problem.... I have sent him to buy Rectifier, new plugs (there where 1 Ngk and 1 champion at first), a rebuilt kit for the carbs and a new coil...I started it up today and it starts perfect without any choke so i belive itīs running pretty rich...

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