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Thread: Oil Question?

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    Oil Question?

    If you are running pre-mix. does the TYPE OF oil change your mix ratio? if so how? Like if I go to amsoil with my BB. DO I still run 32:1? I was asked yesterday, and was not sure.

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    I would start out at 32:1 and see how it runs. If it is a little sluggish compared to normal and you are fouling plugs really quick then back off to like 40:1. Amsoil recommends most of their oils be mixed at 50:1 which is fine for most applications but I would go by your manufacturer recommendations first and see how it goes. Other people have run Amsoil in a GRP at 32:1 without problems.


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    With the Wiseco 87mm (ie: GroupK) pistons I like to run 32:1 when the water's below 60 degrees. Anything warmer than that and I run 40:1. This is using Amsoil Dominator and tuning the high speed T-handles accordingly. My thought is with the colder water temperatures it's a good idea to put in additional oil to help ward off a four corner seizure.

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