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    A day to be proud of

    Well Me and RXP'N in michigan went out tearing up the lake to day. He is running a RXP with everything but a ecm.. Clocking 78mph.. We where just dragging on the lake ALL DAY.
    At times the boats had the lake tore up SOOOO BAD, My Smooth water Bitch (my fault, the way it is set up I guess) I had to let off the thottle...three foot WOT are not cool on my ski... but that big heavy RXP SCREAMED through it.. at one point I was bound and determend that I was not going to let off... I hit a bad spot and got shot up in the air,,, I swear to GOD.. 6 foot in the air.. what did I do? I held The heck ON,, at 75 +++ I hit so hard it tore ME UP.. neck back and a$$ jammed good. ski is fine.
    But more than any thing the facts are..85* temps air, 70 * water and we ran these skis WOT ALL DAY...
    Later in the day the ski boats ran out of gas or the skiers did? and the lake smoothed out.. man we had some GREAT RUNS... There is nothing better than WOT, side by side, with a good freind at 75 ++ The way you feel after a WHITE KNUCKEL RIDE IS JUST INCREADABLE ..
    MY 1390 was everything I have wished for.

    More than anything, afterwords we when to dinner with our wifes. On the way home my wife (of 14yr) said to me.."It is so hard to believe that we met Dan and Tina through that site your always on, It's pretty cool."

    I just about drove off the road...... WOW that is why I wanted to thank you all for making this place a great place to hang out.. thanks To all.

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    you had a great day !!

    yup, I've made many freinds on this forum

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