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Thread: Reed setups

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    Question Reed setups

    What are the popular reed setups out there? VFII, VFIII, M16, spaced, unspaced? have an 03 GP1300R that is unported so far, I am looking for peak RPM with good reliability since this is a rec ski. Are there advantages or disadvantages to different setups? Any tips on where to get them from would also be appreciated.

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    VFIII, M-16 w/offshore pedals, or Rius . they are all spaced 10-12mm
    check out Judsge Motorsports for the VFIII for M-16 for the his reeds.

    These range from $400-$600 plus the time to put them in. In a stock waverunner, you won't see much rpm gain. Reeds may not be worth the investment.
    You could safely deck the head .030" and run 92/93 octane gas and enjoy the performance gains for about $50 and a 1/2 hour wrenching.

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    Welcome to the forum.

    The most popular reed setup is the V-force 3 [VF-III] carbon fiber reeds with the special spacer plate that allows the reeds fitment to adapt to the GPR.

    You get RPM gain and great longevity from these reeds. Many user have reported 80-110 rpm gains on average and in excess of 200 hours of use and they still look great.

    I have over 120 hours on mine and they looked like brand new on my 100 hour inspection.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buzzer68 View Post
    You could safely deck the head .030" and run 92/93 octane gas and enjoy the performance gains for about $50 and a 1/2 hour wrenching.
    At .030" what compression with this amount get you?

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    A .030 machine job will get you to about 150 PSI depending on wear on your current engine.

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    I use the RUIS, I like them, and they have built in rubber seals, so no need for gaskets

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    The gaskets are very thin, and a pain. Several have had problems with them. The rubber seal is a beautiful thing, totally reuseable..

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