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    Preferred Rules of Posting & Forum Decorum

    I have an idea. What if some of you guys write some preferred rules of posting & forum decorum ie:

    1) The Kawi Gen Disc forum is for general discussion, including non-technical questions & issues;

    2) The Kawi Ultra 250 Perf forum is for more technical posts. Users should make particular effort to search existing threads to try & avoid duplicative posts;

    3) In general, users should avoid overly personal attacks or open ridicule of other users unless fully justified;

    This may be just a start. There could be a few more rules or preferred standards of use.

    This might reduce frustration for all users and help keep whole forum better organized.

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    Also, witty, irreverent but good natured humor is encouraged/discouraged (circle one). If discouraged, Blue 182 is grandfathered & exempt.

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    where you live
    a photo of your 250X
    zip code
    A person would give themselves more credibility if they put this info in their personal profile. Especially AGE.

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    4) Touchy subject but you may want to define "highjacking" ie in the performance section in particular, members or visitors should try & avoid deviating too far from subject matter identified in initial thread, particularly if a search would show questions answered elsewhere.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RX951 View Post

    You did a great job on these rules. I did not know they were there. Stepped in it again. Some of my language may give more specific warning regarding designated technical threads tho. Maybe thread will at least cause people to re-read existing rules.

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