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    Question Ventura/Seacliff

    Anyone here ride in Ventura or seacliff?

    First off. I am an ex-racer and haven't been on a ski in about 7 years. (I grew up, got married and had kids). Now I wanna play again but don't have any riding buddies.

    Can you still ride waves ar seacliff? I know the pier is gone which seperated the skis from the surfers, but anyone have the skinny on the area now?

    I am interested in getting something new and going out of Ventura Harbor as well. I like the salt. Great to ride in, plus Castaic is a puddle.

    I, in fact have never ridden a three-seater! . But would love to get on a new Ultra 250 or an RXP.

    Thanks for the info!

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    ocean rides happen all the time

    ocean rides out of ventura happen all the time, well for me at least...
    just stay tuned:

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