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    need somebody that is smarter than me!!!!

    time to change the oil. i have a 07 seadoo wake scic. i bought the pump to pump the oil now i need some help woth the oil filter. at the link i have found the filter but it says i need a o ring and there are 3 to choose form any help would be great. and what kind of oil would help to.

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    It's unlikely that you'll need new o-rings - take the oil filter cap off and see if the o-rings look complete and in good condition. If so, no need to replace. (Someone will correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think you have to replace them if they're okay.)

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    i didnt have to replace mine when i changed the filter......just be careful trying the cover off the filter to not damage the o ring

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    one of the two you are most likely to damage will be either the one ending in 500(upper) or 920(lower).

    but unless it's damaged, worn, or cracked you re-use.

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    My upper oring was toast last summer, ran perfect without it, nothing i recomend but it works

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    Quote Originally Posted by Swedie View Post
    My upper oring was toast last summer, ran perfect without it, nothing i recomend but it works
    Ditto, I never bother with the upper ring, it appears to be worthless. I have spares of the lower ring on hand always tho ...

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    thank for all of the help. this site saves me a lot of money i can do the oil change myself and not give my pay check to the dealer.

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