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    flush hose inlet block testing

    blocked off the flush hose inlet

    blocked off ran 73.8 @7800

    unblocked ran 74.9 @7900

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    It's unblocked naturally, right?

    The water that goes in that hole normally when riding, what does it do?

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    Interesting ... I posted a thread about that not too long ago too ... I seemed to have the same thing, but need to keep the outlet blocked to help not overheat. But it does seem to slow the ski down a little. I will be trying some things over the week of the 4th to try to correct that.

    Normally the small hose that comes off the top of the J pipe exits there ... at higher speeds, this relieves pressure from the cooling water in the exhaust. Plugging it forces more water into the waterbox, often helping if you are getting overheat alarms.

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