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    Question about holeshot RPM's on RXP...

    Was riding today with my buddy and he said when he would nail the throttle from idle it felt like a slipping clutch in a car. The RPM would rev up but the ski wouldn't take off right. If he lightly rolled on the gas it acted normal. Does anyone recognize what I am describing and if so any ideas on what it might be? Thanks for any help.

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    Sounds like cavitation. Check the wear ring and consider purchasing another or an SS one.

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    could be all kinds of things. Wear ring, pump seal, low depth in water, etc.... If you have a plastic wear ring I would look there first. Time for SS!

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    A misaligned pump shoe will cause cavitation out of the hole and reduced top speed. Ever wonder why some skis are faster than others with the same mods? This is one good reason why.
    Found this info here...

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    Suthrn, I agree it sounds like a classic wear ring issue.

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