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    What's the best ski out there right now?

    My interests in a ski are, fast, "instant on" acceleration, jumping waves. No towing, no 3 person rides. Very occasionally 2 person rides.

    Prefer 4 stroke fuel injected. I'm thinking it's time to get rid of the GP1200.

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    Well from what you described that you want. 4 stroke injected, mostly one rider, no towing, with good acceleration, it sounds like you already have your mind set on an RXP. Yamaha 2 seaters are 2 stroke. Kawi 250 has power but its a 3 seater.

    As for best ski, that would be a matter of opinion. They all have there good points and bad.
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    I'm not necessarily ruling out 3 seaters or 2 stroke engine, that's just my preference based on owning the GP1200 thus far.

    Again, keys are fast, handling and FUN.

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    Sounds like an RXP to me...

    However, wait until Sept/Oct and see what next year will bring.

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    i agree with bliztk, waite till oct to see what yamaha will have for us. i heard it was a 5000 hp 20 seater pwc lol just kidding. i hope 2008 is going to be good.

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    Well test drive both, and evaluate all your options.

    Search the forums, there are allot of topics comparing the different skis.

    A GP1300R with some mods might be in your budget, or you might prefer the RXP.

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    GP13r with a few performance mods.
    RXP with a few reliability mods. long as you don't care about top speed.
    Kawi 15f is okay, and very modifiable.

    Everything else is just "vaporcraft."

    Nothing out of the box is reliable, and quick without a tad bit of help.

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    If you are not againist 2 strokes, don't weigh a gazillion pounds and are willing to compromise on 2 up, I would suggest a modded '96 Waveblaster.

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    I seen a kawasaki 250 this past weekend, all I can say is WOW, that son of a gun is fast!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by XL800 View Post
    I seen a kawasaki 250 this past weekend, all I can say is WOW, that son of a gun is fast!!!!

    You are very wrong. I know several people with "old school" 'skis that have holeshotted these monsters badly and many GPRs that run away from them on holeshot and top speed.

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