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    250X low speed miss morphs into now it won't run

    17 hours on my 250X. All stock, excpet added a depth sounder. Smart steering disable before my first ride. Oil and filter changed @ 6 hours by me. Darn, the oil level is tough to get right.

    The last time I rode, a low speed miss developed up to about 2,500 RPM's. The miss would sometimes get worse, and sometimes clear-up. A few times, it would hardly idle and seemed as though it was running on two cylinders. I thought possibly I may have taken on a load of bad fuel, but I ran the possible bad fuel out, re-fueled and the problem remained.

    The interesting aspect is it ran fine at higher RPM's. 70 MPH on the Dream-O-Meter. 7590 to RPM.

    This weekend, the 250X would hardly even start and finally if and when it started, it only ran on 1-2 cylinders and quit a short time later. Mostly, it just won't start. I pulled the plugs and they are all gas fouled, but look okay otherwise. I had to be towed by a friend's Sea Doo to my trailer which was very embarrassing. I almost swam it instead. My buddies took pictures for future extortion.

    No codes set on the display, even attempting to go into the "dealer mode".

    I checked all electrical connections, including the plug wires into the coils.

    Unfortunately, back to the Stealership for warranty work. Who knows how long the repairs will take and how many marks, nicks, and scratches I will incur during the repair process. Damn, I hate taking anything back to a Stealership.

    Maybe the ECU is shot???

    Outside of the above and missing who knows how many weekends of riding, I love the 250X!

    I'll keep everyone posted as to the final result.

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    10 bucks says its a bad plug or plugs. Mine just did the same thing and I know several others had them go bad too, usually 1 and 4 cylinders. Let us know what you find out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Importracer View Post
    10 bucks says its a bad plug or plugs. Mine just did the same thing and I know several others had them go bad too, usually 1 and 4 cylinders. Let us know what you find out.
    I was gonna say the plugs also. Guess its time to get some spares.

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    Mine did the same thing.

    KDS showed all to be fine. Swapped out the plugs and presto it fired right up.

    Seems as the the NGK unit from factory are shit. After new set put in I have had no issues with it.

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    Thanks for the plugs suggestion. I stopped by a large Kaw dealer Friday here in the Dallas area to buy four new plugs, on my own nickle, just in case it was plugs. I wanted to try new plugs, because it beats the heck out of trailering to the dealer and leaving it for who knows how long. It was worth $50 or so of my own $$ not to goof with the Stealership. Of course, this dealer did not have any NGK PMR 9B's (Kaw part # 92070-3707) in stock. At first they thought they did, as the parts counter child looked up the plugs for the 15F. Momentarily, I was happy, too, as they quoted only $7.00 each.

    In the meantime, I will hunt other dealers or and try some new plugs.

    Once again, thanks. I'll keep you posted...hopefully, it is plugs.. All other suggestions welcome, too.

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    Just ordered (4) PMR 9B's from $81.16 which includes 2nd day shipping. OUCH. But worth spending my own $$ before messing with dealership.

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    Last summer I had similar problem on my 15f. By accident I discovered a crack in the gasoline plastic pipe, right under the gas tank lid. I had some water in the gas tank. Check your gasoline filter and look if you have water in there.

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    Pics of tow by Sea Doo - Why didn't I swim it???

    ...For the Sea Doo owner's enjoyment..... Now the jealous non-U250X owners won't let me live it down....
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    Same thing happend to mine this weekend ( 13 hours ) changed the plugs.........running fine now.

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    Update on Spark Plug

    PMR9B's have not yet arrived from I ordered Sunday and nothing yet, as of Wednesday..and I paid $26.00+ for next day shipping. Called only to be told PMR9B's are on backorder. It would have been nice for them to call me, since I placed a note in the order along those lines. But no, I had to call them to find-out it could be another week until I get my plugs....after expecting them Tuesday.

    I guess I will be searching Kawasaki dealers and NAPA stores for PMR9B's.

    Ultra 250X shut down waiting for 4 small, expensive spark plugs....I hope.
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