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    Quote Originally Posted by Myself View Post
    The FHXO with the 160hp MR1 variant has been known to be a rod chunker. Several peoples 'projects' (including my own) that I have seen pics of, show a rod cap that actually came off and started the destruction. I suspect that is what you'll find upon disassembly.
    Thanks Myself. In your situation, were you able to salvage any of engine, or was it all scrap? I have seen some pics that show cracked cylinders and more. I have to suspect the head and valves took a hit, but that is not too devastating(maybe).
    I am looking at SBT for a reman $2,500 option, but not sure what they call a rebuildable core. If i take it apart to see what i have, is it still a rebuildable core if i put parts back in a box to swap as a core?

    Thanks for your help. The info is much appreciated.
    David in SC

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    You won't know without a complete teardown how bad it is. Check out my thread--> It would have been scrap to a lesser mechanic, LOL!

    I was able to find a competant machinist and fix mine. A good core is still a good core.........even if it's completely disassembled. As long as everything is there.

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    Great info Myself!. This helps me a lot.

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    Hello to all, and Happy Fall! I spent a good bit of time with the 2006 FX1000 and love the ski. The 2007 HO finally made it to the top of the list yesterday, and me and wife spent 7 hours pulling the motor; hoping to find nothing external that would be the result of the #4 piston not moving. Not so lucky! There is a nice chunk missing from the block, and loose parts inside.
    Being this ski was sometimes used in saltwater, is the general consensus to scrap and replace the motor, scrap the whole project, tear in deeper and see what i find? I am inclined to go deeper in hopes of finding something that can be repaired.

    At this point, i essentially have no money in this ski. The price i paid for this and the running mate is still less than one good running ski. I like tinkering.

    All advice is appreciated.

    Thank you,
    DAvid in SC

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    Happy Sunday, and i hope everyone enjoyed a very nice Thanksgiving. I am moving this thread to the Project and Builds Forum, as i now have the engine in pieces and need solid guidance on where to go now. Hope you all visit!

    Thank you,
    David in SC

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