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    Seadoo xp -98 cant start after itīs warm

    i can run the ski without any problem, but after i take a break for like 10 minutes it wonīt start up again..then i have to wait until it cools down to run it again, have clean the carbs, changed plugs, when the it wont start i have checked and i have a spark....any ideas? Rectifier?

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    When it wouldnt start, did you happen to pull the plugs, see if they are fouled or possbily flooded? could be your needle seats leaking down while it sits, flooding the motor?

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    I pulled the plugs the color on them is good, can it be the coil?

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    I had a '97 XP that had a similar conditon that only happened occasionally. (I think it was related to outside temperature, as I never had this problem in the coller months)

    Like yours, it was difficult to restart after sitting for a period of about 10 - 15 minutes. I found that if I tried to start it with the throttle about 25% open it would start after a slightly extended crank time. It was behaving like a flooded engine.

    The next time you have this problem, you may want to try the above procedure. If nothing else, it will give you one more piece of information to help diagnose the problem.

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    I have tried that but it doesnīt work, I will change the coil, rectifier and have the carbs the way what kind of Mikuni carbs is it? BN44?

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    Manual calls for Mikuni BN-46i-42 . If you had good spark when trying to start it, I would rebuild the carbs first, then go from there......BigT
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