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    Denny wins... can't believe after everything that went on -- couldn't land helicopter, didn't start race, lap down, gets lap back starts at the back of the pack and wins the race. Unbelievable, poor Scott Wimmer he had a good car to but wasn't good on the short runs. Had some cautions towards the end, they say cautions breed caution. Nice race!

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    Yea, he's doing good this year.

    Denny, races for our company R/A he stops by the plant to say hi and brings the race car and simulator sometimes. The Darlington race was great to see from the cooperate suite.

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    WHAT???? You get all that treatment. Damn I'm jealous. I'm a huge NASCAR fan and Denny is about 3rd on my list next to Dale Jr. and Tony Stewart. I would love to meet some of these drivers. You are very lucky. Of course working for the sponser helps a bit. Bad A$$


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