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Thread: 2001 txi stator

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    2001 txi stator

    I need to replace my stator on a 2001 txi, do I need to remove the engine or can I remove the fuel tank to gain room to work on it ? Thanks Randy

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    I know on the carbureted versions you don't need to remove the engine and most of the time (with correct puller) you don't need to move the tank.
    I'm not sure how much access room you have with the injected engine but I'd certainly try to remove the front cover first and then you'll know.

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    Easy to get it out with motor in ski .Need a mirror to see all inside once you have flywheel off as it makes it easier .The bolt holding the harness wires back is the hardest bit to do.Need a short puller to get in there or it fouls on the fuel tank .Becareful not to put the puller bolts in too far as you will destroy stator .
    Good luck

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