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Thread: Is 250x so bad?

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    Is 250x so bad?

    Hi there,

    I recently purchased a kawi 250x. I never had a ski before and i have almost zero experience.

    A friend that owns a yamaha told me i made the worst mistake.

    He told me that they are full of problems.
    That i might not be able to run it ever properly.

    I never thought jetskis are that bad to have but even other people are telling me that always you have to pay a lot o f money especially on the one i bought.

    I was hoping to buy a ski maintain it after each run and also every year however now i feel like an idiot owing something that is not worth it.

    I would like to know from guys like you that had similar experience with this ski. Is there something i need to have in mind?
    What things should i do before i run it.

    The guy that sold it to me took me a ride of 10 min, told me that he just cleans it every time he uses it but he only own it for 6 months and run it only 3 times.

    It has almost 200hours on it.

    Please guys guide me a bit on this if you can.

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    Well, i mantain one my neigbour bought when it first came out, pushing 300 hrs so far with nothing but oil and filter changes and spark plugs.
    I did upgrade the pump bearings as that is a serious issue that can destroy the motor if they fail.
    Fresh water use.
    So fragile? No, not in this case but does not mean yours will be trouble free, but do the pump upgrade right away if not done.

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    They get cracked cylinder heads, fuel dilution in the oil, coating comes off the supercharger rotors, and the shaft in the jet pump can come loose and stuff the crank into the cases.

    On the other hand, you could get lucky and not have an issue.

    Time bias tells me you are probably past the early failures and could be fine. Definitely update the pump to 2011+ spec.


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    I had a red 250x and ran it for years.
    I did the pump upgrade shaft and bearings...put 250 hours on it...traded for a 310 hp Kawasaki.

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    Never any problems.
    Good fuel, regular maintenance and all was good!

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    Hi all,

    Thanks for the help guys.
    You have been very helpful.
    Is there a list of items that you can suggest in order to have a reliable ski?

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    Update the pump before you run it any more, as others have stated.
    DO NOT run anything but premium fuel, it WILL crack a piston.....I've rebuilt a couple.
    When the S/C damper goes bad the engine will make a strange rattly noise.
    Check the water hoses inside back at the pump, seems they have a habit of coming loose.

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    Hello to everyone,

    Thanks a lot guys!!

    Therefore from what i understand the ski needs the pump as its a major issue. Having read some forums like you guys also mentioned there is a gas in oil issue as well. Some other guys mentioned that cooler goes bad and its impossible to know when therefore if you wash the ski and next season engine is seized that means water entered the pistons.correct me if i am wrong.
    Guys what is the best way to check the ski?
    I am thinking of:

    Taking apart the cooler and check if it leaks
    Change the pump
    Oil filter
    Air filter
    Change oil
    Change bearings in supercharger and add that thing that you oil it.

    What do you think??
    Anything else you might add??

    Thanks a lot

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    2010 pump shaft & bearing upgrade
    remove s/c cover (do not reinstall) inspect area for signs of rust/corrosion
    replace idler bearing
    inspect s/c belt and replace if necessary
    check/inspect water hoses and clamps
    check clear tube at airbox for any nasty contaminants
    check under oil cap for signs of milky oil
    for piece of mind i would change plugs,oil,filter,idler bearing and do pump upgrade 1st!
    also get a copy of the service manual asap
    Kawasaki JetSki Watercraft Service Manual - Boat & Yacht manuals PDF (

    great ski not for the faint hearted! have fun and good luck!

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    I'm still running mine and have a 310 also. Did pump bearing upgrade, always use 93 octane fuel and I check oil frequently and if the level rises or it seems like it has a strong fuel smell I change it and use synthetic oil. Don't always use a new filter. Maybe as much as every 15-20 hours (or maybe even more often) - I'd have to check my records. If engine ever starts to have a miss then replace plugs. Garage kept so it still looks great. Clean inside hull. I have a ride plate and it runs strong. Just doesn't have the punch of a 310 (obviously) and with the ride plate doesn't stay as hooked up either. I've see a guy on our lake occasionally at the marina with a 260.

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