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    286lbs on a Waveblaster... Any chance ?

    130kgs, I surf waves on a VXR now but something lighter and more manoeuvrable would be funner. I'm worried if I'm too heavy for it.

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    If you've never ridden one, then find one to climb onto. Get out in chest deep water and try to board it. If you cant get on it in chest deep water, you ain't gonna be able to get on it in the middle of a lake.

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    Thanks but I can't get one to try. Its worse too I will use it in the surf. I guess I'm just hoping it's possible. I know everything is possible so, I'm going for "probably" I suppose. �� I've watched the guys who get on sideways and those who get on the back, sideways looks better to me but being heavy maybe there isn't enough bouyancy in the ski ?

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    It can be pretty tippy at times because of the narrow hull, but an aqua step could be very helpful in your situation. Ive seen some bigger dudes on a Blaster before, but the deep water boarding would be the biggest hurdle, especially in the surf... I say give it a try!!

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