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    Question 2007 STX-12F Gas Vapor Smell In Aft Under Storage

    I recently purchased this ski and I'm noticing now that there's a very strong gas smell under the seat in in the aft section only. There is plenty of pressure in the fuel tank when I take the cap off. I've cleaned out the bilge area using just water and it had no affect on the smell. I do see that the tubing for the bilge system is in this area so maybe there's gas some how in the exhaust? I've searched the forums and have not seen anyone else that seems to have this same issue. Any suggestions on things I can check would be highly appreciated.

    • Strong gas fumes in aft of the ski only
    • Engine runs
    • Gas tank has pressure when opening the fill cap
    • No signs of a gas leak or gas collecting in the bilge

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    Should be a vent line off the tank. Usually goes up from somewhere on top of the tank. Sounds like it may be pinched or kinked?

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    Thanks for the idea but I did a quick check on that it and it looks okay. I don't think this would be the issue anyways since it is for intake and not an actual vent. It should let air in when needed. My tank is holding pressure and no visible leaks when running. I checked the fuel rail and tubes.

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    Have you checked for an exhaust system leak?

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