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    Gp1300 wrist pin washers??

    Hey guys
    Been slowly working on getting my gp back together. Crankworks set me up with new rods and bearings, and millennium sold me prox pistons with my cylinder work. On assembly the wrist pin area just doesn't look right to me. I ordered the factory washers that go on either side of the rod eye and bearing on the pin but there is still lots of play. In fact the bearing can walk out of the rod eye a bit to either side. Am I missing a part or is this normal. Disassembly was so long ago i just dont remember

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    23 is the washers I ordered. The part # on the washers I received matches the drawing. It just seems like they should be thicker and take up all the available room on the pin either side of the rod. I have already assembled, but if there is enough concern I'll pull it apart and take pictures.

    Any help appreciated.

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    That is the way it is, or at least the way mine came apart and went back together. I had similar thoughts but just went with it anyways. Be sure the washers are on the correct way. One side has a slight bevel to the outside radius and the other is a sharp 90°. See item #4 below.

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    Yeah I got the bevel right. Awesome you guys calmed my nerves a bit.

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    Totally normal.

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    I believe if there wsm pistons they don't require the thrust washer. Other wise use them.

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