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    Compare for me: 2013 VXR to a 2022 Jetblaster

    I have the VXR and I'd like similar or better power but better surf-ability.

    I'm worried about the smaller jet size (145 V's 155mm). I think power will be similar because it's about 80kgs (176lbs) lighter.

    I'm also worried about how harsh it might be in the chop.

    Anyone with experience ?

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    Since I also own a 2013 VXR, at first I thought your question was ridiculous. I thought that without even knowing what a Jetblaster was.

    I went to the Yamaha website and watched a 3 minute Jetblaster video then I did some online searching on that ski. It sure does look like a playful ski and it would be a blast in the surf. It's lightweight (by today's standards!) will allow it to catch plenty of air. With the extra "playful" engineering that this ski has built in, I think that any aggressive rider would have an absolute blast on it! Ton of fun, for sure!

    That being said, I don't think that the power is going to feel like the power of the 1.8L VXR. Here are some power to weight calculations for the Jetblaster:

    The JB has 110hp and weighs 549lbs. .2hp per pound of weight

    IIRC, the dry weight of the 2013 VXR is 727lbs and it has 180hp. This comes out to .248hp per pound of weight. The heavier VXR is just way more powerful.

    The JB has a lot of low end power and with that lighter weight, I think that it'll feel like it has plenty of power. Top speed isn't it's forte, playfulness is. It tops out at just under 55mph.

    The VXR easily exceeds 65mph and mine has topped out at 67.5mph (GPS, 100% factory stock) on smooth water in cool air temps. 65+ in the hottest of Houston summer heat.

    I like the Jetblaster and would consider one for myself but I wouldn't get rid of any of my 1.8L skis. One of my old, 2-stroke skis would have to go bye bye!

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    Thanks Danny, makes sense. I should have looked at power/weight ratios. I wonder if it is lower geared and might make up some of that 25% power to weight ratio loss at the cost of speed ?

    I'm not too worried about speed, from where I put it in to the waves is about 10nm and is often choppy in a big bay so speeds are low anyway but the lighter ski might make that 10nm a PITA?

    I live for the waves so that's all that matters really but I've still got to get there.

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    I'm going to guess/assume that the design of the JB is such that it's going to make up some of that power to weight ratio deficit. Since top speed isn't that important to you, the loss of well over 10mph won't sting you as bad as it would sting me .

    There is no doubt that the much lower weight of the Jetblaster will result in it being a real rough, PITA ride through the chop getting to your waves.

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