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Thread: Oil filter

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    Oil filter

    I recently got 2 new (to me) skis, a 1995 SL750 and a 1995 SLX750.

    My question is this:
    Since they have been in storage and have not been run since last season the book says to change the fuel and oil filters. Is bleeding the oil line really necessary after changing the oil filter?

    Also, the SLX has a "hot seat" muffler/waterbox. How much performance does it add? He gave me the original waterbox so, I'm thinking that the extra decibles are a little much for where I ski if it's not too much different...

    Thanks in advance for any/all advice,


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    The water box just makes more noise. I had two of them and sold them both on ebay. Here in the Berkshires the tree huggers would throw rocks at ya for making that much noise. They are all the same water box, Hotseat, TDR, Chopper city ect... They claim a 5 hp gain. I didn't notice it. What you will notice is the weight difference, and that would be my only reason for put one of those back on in the future.

    Edit: Oil filter, I have changed mine once since 1995. I filled it with oil both side and than put it back in. Unlike gas they don't sell you dirt and water with the oil you buy. Just make sure it is in correctly, right direction.
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    Hi steeler, WELCOME to the Green Hulk Forums!!
    I think I'm the same, maybe once since 93 on the oil filter.
    I sure don't feel the difference in speed or acceleration with the water box either, with a few other mods you might feel the difference but it's not worth the increased noise in my opinion.

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