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    First ride ever . slt 750

    I finally got my beater up and running, and took the wife out to stockton (missouri) today.
    Ive never been on top of a jetski before.
    once it was on the water, it would start but not run at all. took me ten minutes to figure out that I had left the damn fuel valve off.

    it rides really well, but it ran like crap the first half of the day. kept cutting out and engine bogging down at anything over half throttle, but that went away once i ran a tank through it. I think the plugs were oil fouling, I had premix in there after inspecting the inside of the oil pump, and the pump was hooked up too.

    water was really choppy, got it going about 40.
    managed to dump us off twice doing spins, etc.

    after watching a large fellow trying to unsuccessfully mount a little two seater for over fifteen minutes, Im glad I bought the three seater slt.

    anyways , I had a blast and thanks to the hulk for helping me get going

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    Good to hear!!!! Glad you and the wife had a good time. I bought my first ski a month ago and I agree with you, the SLT is a nice riding ski!

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    For most the SLT is great!!! But if you like spinnig out and doing lots of crazy slides in the water the SL is a lot of fun, it just dose not ride in the rough as good as the SLT. I am glad to hear the two of you had a great time.


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    Glad you had a good time!! Let us know if you need any help along the way.

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    She likes the bike. But the ski gets her wet!!!! xlint89's Avatar
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    Sounds good, you prob had some bad gas to start with. Now get the oil mixture correct and maybe pick up a few more MPH. Watch your plugs for indications of running lean by doing plug chops. (found out my seals are bad because I did check, unnoticed and I would've burnt a piston for sure.)

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