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    Advice, Impeller Question

    Sorry posted in the wrong fourm the first time but no flames yet

    Forgive the “newbie” question as I’m sure I’m just entering the food chain here. In need of some direction. I have a 2007 Speedster Wake (430hp) had it out today and sucked some debris. I believe one of the impellers could have been damaged. Around 4500 to 5000 rpms there is cavitations and loss of power. On the high end it starts to over rev a bit as well. If it is the impeller how difficult is it for a “normal” person to change? And as long as I’m changing would you replace factor or other?
    Thanks in advance...

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    Nice boat! You've either got a bent prop, or heavily damaged wear ring. The wear rings are made to get damaged; many of us install stainless steel wear rings to have one less thing to worry about. Pulling the pumps to check that yourself is fairly easy. I think anyone with a jetboat should get proficient with the process. These instructions are from the FAQ section, which is an invaluable source of information on this site:

    It might take you around 30 minutes to get the first pump off, maybe 20 for the second. Just basic tools needed, except, you'll also need:

    1) Rachet extention bar (10" or more)
    2) 12mm allen wrench (Sears is one source)
    3) Prop tool ($17 from the online store)
    4) Possibly a breaker bar, but I got away without having to buy one
    5) Vise

    If you find the wear ring to be the culprit, you should be able to flip it around and get more use out of it, or just install the stainless ($190). If the prop is bent, unless a chunk is missing off of it, you should be able to put it on a vise and bend it back into place. If I had two props that I had to keep in sync, I'd get a Watcon pitch gauge, to make sure they are exactly alike. Solas Concord is a very good replacement prop, if you need to go that route, that can provide better performance than the stock prop. The pitch needed would depend on many environmental factors, and if you plan any performance modifications, but chances are the stock boat will use a 13/18 or 14/19 pitch.

    I know it stinks to have spent so much on a new boat, then have to spend more, but there are certain products that I, and many others, have installed to make our boats more "bulletproof". Even if you never plan to modify the boat's performance, these products should be considered (in order of importance):

    1) Metal supercharger washers
    2) Intercooler strainers
    3) Stainless steel wear rings (& possibly solid front engine mounts)

    '07 Speedster 150 SCIC

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    THe wear ring looks like a peice of 5 inch diameter PVC pipe that the impeller actually rides in..

    If you take a flash light and look in the pump from the bottom (at the grate) you can see it, if it is not smooth and has deep scratches than it is bad..

    You will also be able to see the impeller pretty good from there too.. and should be able to tell if it is bent..



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    Thanks Follow up

    Ok I checked and yes the ring is grooved. The impeller is also chewed up (at least by my standards ).

    Follow up quesiton -- Since I have two eng. I will need to replace both to ensure sync. Correct?

    Also Im assuming I need to remove the reverse gate work on them.


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    no you dont remove the grate.. you only need to replace the parts that are bad.. if one impeller is chewed up and the other is good, you shouldnt need to replace both, only the damaged one..

    Do a search on the site and you will find the instructions to remove the pump and fix the impellers and wear rings..

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    He said GATE... yes, the reverse gate bucket is the first thing that comes off, then the steering noozle, then venturi, then pump.

    If you replace with a OEM stock prop (why would you?), then you'd be fine just replacing the one, but an aftermarket prop is going to be so dramatically different, you'd have to replace both, or your boat would behave strange and be quite out of sync.


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    I Did Mine Last Week, Prop Came Right Off. Just A Tip To Installing Stainless Wear Ring: To Get The Original Plastic One Out, Put The Pump In The Fridge, It Practically Fell Out. To Install Stainless Wear Ring I Put The Ring In The Fridge & The Pump In The Hot Sun, Slid Together Effortlessly.

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    you should replace the super charger clutch washers asap!!!!

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    Ok thanks -- i'll give it all a shot
    Any strong recomendations on after market impellers.. as long as im going to do it might as well -- I saw Solas below --

    wear rings
    intercooler strainers
    Cluth washers

    Good thing i have a "toy account"

    Majority of items ava from Riva or do you folks have someone you have delt with and had a good exp..
    (and I won't take the "gate")

    I appricate all the help here!

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    Anyone will confidently recommend Green Hulk's (Jerry) store at

    The guy is on the ball, knows his stuff, and by far the fairest deal around. Enter "greenhulk" at checkout to get 10% off all your Riva products. Jerry has changed most of our clutch washers, and for only $50 labor; your dealer would want many times that. Plus, he keeps instructions in the FAQ section to be able to do practically anything yourself.

    The Solas Concord is pretty much a standard around here. Some like the Skat-Trak 3-blade, but you should have some serious performance mods to try one of those. As far as pitch, it depends, and you should just read a lot to see what is working for others in certain situations. It also depends on what RPMs you're pulling now, because you want a prop that will have the engine turning at 8100rpms at WOT. Like I mentioned, it will probably come down to the 13/18 or with some very light mods, the 14/19. Personally, I was ecstatic with the performance when I put my 13/18 on, but may need the 14/19 when my new supercharger impeller gets installed (Jerry also makes a high boost SC impeller).


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