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    why so long Jerry?

    Those vids of Glen went to download, 4 1/2 hrs The 1st one I down loaded took 4+hrs and it only lasted if 30 sec. So I tried the latest one you posted and the same thing 4+hrs I didn't do it, makes my computor slow.

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    I have no idea Frank. Keep in mind you are downloading those off of PPG's server, not mine.

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    I put a copy up on my server for you guys :

    Right click and Save as[/url]

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    snkyone thanks that one says 20 min to down load, better than 4hrs

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    Why so long? It took me 15 seconds on your site, and 15 seconds on Glenn's site. Strange... Could your internet be messed up or something?

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    What do you have for an Internet connection?

    Plus it's possible you were trying to d/l it from PPG's server at the same time some others were and it was automatically throttling bandwidth.

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    I downloaded them only in a few minutes but i am using DSL running @ 256k. Are you using dial-up

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    I'm not using dial-up. I'm hooked up through my cable. My computer isn't the best but serves the purpose.

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