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Thread: Best Filler

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    Best Filler

    I've been using a two-part puddy called PC Metal to fill bolt holes on the ride plate. This stuff gets extremely hard and just takes way too long to sand. What have you guys found to fill the holes that's quick and easy?

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    I've been using bondo lately this past year

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    JB weld stick (2 part) rubs smooth with water.

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    Pro Poxy and I hate to say it ,but I smooth it out with spit.(No sanding)

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    I've been using USC All Metal, it's an aluminum filled waterproof bondo.

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    Like Billy said, use good ole bondo, then a little trick that helps to keep it from sagging/dripping out before it cures, take 2 inch wide clear packaging tape and tape over the bondo right after you put it on. Holds it in place very well..

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