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    2000 slh hydrolocked??

    I guess I need to know what next.. my ski was hydrolocked and now runs on just the rear cylinder? also since water was up to the seat the mfd is blank.. anyone recomend any steps me and my mechanic can take or can anyone recommend a polaris mechanic in westchester dutchess or anywhere in metro new york city

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    Did you get all the water out of the electrical box? Or at least make sure there is none in there?

    With the mfd blank, I'm guessing you have a water induced short in the box.

    Also, was this salt or fresh water?

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    Check the crank index first and foremost. The procedure is listed in the tech section. Also, the Sharpe's Marine in Oswego (not sure how close that is) is recommended highly.

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    Fresh water

    It was fresh water which was dried out with air and a hair dryer.. i checked the fuses and both were good..

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    Crank index

    after i check the index what are the possibilities?? I havent looked for it yet but is the procedure to check tuff? what are the fixes?

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