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    New Prop or Repitch?

    I just bought a 160mm 13/17 Solas and just installed it and Im only getting 7900RPM with an E1 SHO FZR with all supporting mods.

    I wanna be around 8800. Should I purchase a new prop or get my current prop repitched?

    I also have a RIVA 160mm pump and the transom bored out 160mm .

    Do you think this is why im spinning such low RPM's ?

    How many RPM's off your target can you bend the prop without kinking the prop?

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    I would check over everything and make sure you dont have an issue first. boost leak, exhaust leak. all that stuff. That rpm seems stupid low. how fast is the ski running?

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    If your setup was working right before and all you changed was the prop I would say you either the pitch is way off on it or you just dont have enough power to turn that prop to the rpms your looking for.I would have someone recheck the prop pitch first before jumping to conclusions on the motor.You would not want to go much lower in pitch because under 13/18ish you start dropping a little speed.

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