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    need wheels 30 or 32 PSI

    you know who sells this kind of wheel for yamaha

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    No one is making anything but drop in wheels ATM.ET wheels 19 through 26 use to make about 26-27psi tops and the 27 through 32 wheels use to make within one 1psi of eachother about 29-30psi tops so not much difference there anyway.South Florida has some 28 drop in wheels floating around that are 94mm and those are good for about the same 30psi by 10,000
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    They still havent made a clutch worth using for bigger wheels IMO.
    You are going to need at least 10,000rpm to even get close to that pressure.

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    Big charger setups have alot of ongoing headaches and clutches are just one of the many.Wheels 26 or larger wont live very long at all because the stock housings like to fly apart plus your going to need E85 or MS109 with them.The medium boost stuff is just easier all around and you can still get good speeds

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    Quote Originally Posted by aco2ta View Post
    you know who sells this kind of wheel for yamaha
    This is the highest boost you can currently get

    Fizzle Z3 SVHO Supercharger Impeller - 27+ PSI

    Introducing the king of our drop-in supercharger impellers. Experience arm-stretching acceleration, blistering top speeds and instant throttle response with the Fizzle Z3 Supercharger Impeller! More torque and more horsepower = more fun!! Weighing in at just 98 grams, this lightweight, precision ...
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