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    Cool Contemplating buying a "non" running 951 RXDI-advice needed

    My neighbor has an early 2000's RXDI with either 30 or 60 hours on it. The machine itself looks mint, has been freshwater ridden(obviously rarely) and garage kept. He went to fire it up after it sat for a few years and it fired right up but will not stay running. He told me that it was running perfect before it sat for a few years, which I believe to be true. The shop he took it to did not have a buds system and wanted to condemn the computer, but to me this sounds more like a fuel issue from sitting. I know it is a huge gamble on these machines, but if compression checks out what would a relatively safe budgetary number be for repairs on this doing the work myself? I don't have a buds yet, or a sonic cleaner, but am relatively handy and have an GTI 717 that has put me through the ringer and back but I finally have it fully sorted after rebuilding almost every single component on the ski.

    On a related note, if these things are running right are they fun skis? What would it be comparable to, and is the hull similar to the GTI hull?


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    Is it showing any codes?
    Very difficult to work on DI units without a BUDS.
    You should hear the fuel pump spool up and shut off when you put the lanyard on the post
    Do a compression test
    There are many electronic issues that can pop up with DI units especially if they have been sitting around.

    I love DI models, especially the XP DI of 03/04

    Be prepared to be very frustrated and you will have zero support from dealers and many parts are no longer available.

    Report back with results

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    If I had the choice to be given a perfectly running 951 DI, or buy a carbed 951 with a rod through the block, Id buy the carbed boat and say no thanks to the DI.

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    The RX is very much like riding a GSX. WAAyyyy different than a GTi. Heed the words on finding anybody to wrench on that machine. Even WITH BUDS or a Candoo system there are still many issues that can arise on that machine that the computer CAN'T tell you about. If the fuel is old it won't stay running. The Di machines like fresh premium fuel. If the fuel pump or air compressor had any real issues it would NOT start at all. If a GTi with a 717 put you through the ringer then RUN.......RUN AWAY from a Di machine. It will have you wanting to set it on fire.

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    run as fast as you can from ANY DI running or not

    I have Spoken (again)

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    The DI is a great machine when it runs. You'll need a scan tool and mechanical ability

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