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    need help asap 05 rxt

    during riding today a couple of times i heard a beep and the high temp message flashed,brought it to idle and everything was fine.30 minutes later same thing ,then ski would only idle so i thought it must be in the limp homr looking around and found a hose half off.Im a newbee so be patient,hose is connected to thew J pipe its about 4"long 3"diam has 3 hose clamps on it and is connected to big round tank.....Got the hose back on fired it up and sounded pretty good but want know if it fixed it til i get in the water.....Iput key in it later to day and i am getting continuos beeps now......I guessing high engine temp or high exaust temp???What temp should this engine run at,and can anyone make heads or tells out of what im saying and give a little advice??????? thanks

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    how bout it fellows any advice out there????????

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    4 continuous beeps with a pause, then 4 more continuous beeps and so on just means that the lanyard is on the post. It's beeping at you to let you know that so you don't leave it on there all night long and run the battery down powering the dash n stuff.

    [edit] I'm assuming u getting these beeps with the motor off. I couldn't tell for sure if you were getting them engine running or not. If the engine is on and you getting beeps, disregard the above.

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    Thanks yeah engine is off...At what temp should this engine run,and what kind of stuff happens when sc has gone bad can you tell by running it with hose or do you need to get it out on the water.....reason i asked is after flushing between turning off water and turning off engine it makes awful sound....

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    Welcome Tank.

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    Sounds like the hose from the J-pipe to the waterbox was loose and your overtemp sensor did it's job. As long as you got all the hoses back on and tight, it shouldn't happen again.

    You might want to carefully check all of them.

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    Thanks got everything back together hooked the water to it ran fine..I guess it must have worked its way loose during ride, had the temp alert go off at 2 different times and the last time it just limped home.....Not the best situation for the fastest ski on the water today........but will try it again hopefully tomorrow........Hope it didnt hurt anything else......

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    where can i get a maint. manual for this machine,,,,,,,anybody know please tell me where to pick one up......I need to study up on this ski.....

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    can get the maint manuals on CD off ebay all day long for, like 15 bucks or something. They'll come in years. One manual will all Seadoo models in it for one year.

    Heres one

    and some more

    actually, scratch them. Just ebay search "seadoo manual 2005". That way it'll list em all and u can pick the cheapest one (doing so will save you a wallet binding buck or 2)

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    THANKS ill be ordering one asap.....

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