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    66v power valves-Yamaha couplers and the spongy operation.

    So Iíve ordered the waveeater couplers due to the spongy operation with the old factory ones. Mag cylinder is way far behind the movement of the PTO valve.
    My question is what are the symptoms of this mis alignment? Does it eventually cause catastrophic damage?

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    That condition would not fully open the mag power valve, resulting in power loss but nothing else.
    Make sure the valves themselves are nice and clean along with the area under the covers that gets all gunked up. Pay attention to the orientation of the power valve when you remove them to clean. With the servo cable off you should be able to move them by hand very easy and smooth.

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    Thanks. Valves are all cleaned up and they all move freely. I'm told the waveeater couplings will move all three in sync.

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    I used to use the waveater couplers and gave up on them and started making my own couplers out of flat stock. The WE couplers use a simple round pin in the slot, and I found that it usually wallows out the slot after a season or two. When using flat stock its recommended to turn the middle PV actuator shaft around backwards so all the slots line up, and are not 180 degrees misaligned. Use a simple grommet from Lowe's on each side of the flat stock to keep it in place. Using this method ensures your valves are locked together and stay in sync.

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