Hello everyone, I am turning to you, no longer finding an active forum in France to help me with my fault diagnosis, which is a shame. I mounted a 900stx engine in a 1500sxr hull in anticipation of upgrading it to 1100cc. So I took the wiring harness from the 900 stx which I simplified by disconnecting and removing the accessory trim meter part. I still had a few wires probably the probes that I did not use there wishing to have only the start stop function. when first started the engine started and stopped immediately the cdi was not powered after releasing the starter button. this problem solved everything was in working order I used the jet two afternoons at sea then the next day when rinsing the speed became different and I could no longer accelerate as if the switch was present at around 2500rpm if I accelerates nothing happens the speed does not regulate the speed as if the engine were safe. I wanted to test another stator but the wire colors were different I had no spark and I think I made a mistake. I therefore reassembled my stator but no more sparks either 😔 I opened my box to check the connections I did not find anything the current + is present the cdi box is well supplied but no current goes out to the ignition coils I wonder if I would not have damaged the cdi box someone could tell me how to test it, it is a Mitsubishi F8T35271 (only one pin) and for the cdi sensor how and what value should we find? if I test the voltage at the cdi pin of the wires coming from the cdi sensor the green wire and the blue wire I find a voltage of 12v on both ... well if someone has already encountered this problem of restricted speed I want good to have information thank you