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    Will this process work for a 2009 aquatrax f15x

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    I am new to this and this is my first post. I hope I'm entering this the right way. Anyway...this is a new post and looking for help and guidance. I have an 06 Aquatrax RX12. It was fine when I put it away for the season. I just broke it out and was checking it for use and found water in the oil. I have flushed twice and removed all water and have good oil but haven't hooked water to it. I pulled the IC and water pressure checked it and it checked good. Compression is good, starts right up and runs smooth. I don't believe my exhaust manifold is bad but think the problem lies in the turbo. Will a faulty actuator valve on the turbo cause water to enter the oil?

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    Yes thank you for the info...really helped me out.

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