I have a 2006 stx12F I had to replace the muffler and exhaust. I started this a while back and the pics i took of the hoses got left on my old phone and my marks are no longer visual.

Their is one hose off the bottom side of the exhaust and then 2 on top of the muffler and 1 below, I am pretty sure i have them correct but I've been wrong before. If anyone has a manual they can PM me or some good pics of these hoses and where they go that would be very appreciated

Also this was my first time doing one of these and concerned on the exhaust rings, I used masking tape around them with one loop of tape and got them as tight as i could and the muffler seemed to slide on ok. but doesn't seem like their is any way to tell if i got it on with out bending a ring or anything. In a post I read someone stated the rings are directional and needed to be in a certain spot but I couldn't find anything on this and they didn't elaborate on what that was, lot of people asking what he meant but that and he wouldn't answer, Is there any truth to that?

Thanks for the advice,