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    2000 Sea-Doo XP 951

    Hello All!

    My XP's crankshaft went bad. Where is a good place to buy a new crankshaft & counter balance? What brand is the best?
    Also where can i find colored cooling lines? What size should they be and how much length should i purchase?


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    If not rebuilding your OEM crank and counterbalance, you can also source replacements through Hot Rods. I did this on a 951 and I have ~40 trouble free hours thus far.

    You said "best" though, and common belief would be rebuilding your stock crank and counterbalance with OEM parts, careful workmanship and the assembled crank being as close to zero runout as possible to achieve that goal.

    I don't know the lengths and sizes, but Blowsion has lots of colored hose options to look at.

    You said your crankshaft went bad....did it break the cases?

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