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    98 1100 STX carb rebuild question

    I recently purchased a 98 1100 STX. Has about 100 hours on it and it looks like it was well taken care of.

    I did a water test and it ran good but I noticed the one spark plug was fouled. I took the carburetor case off and noticed the duct was all broken so I suspect that caused a rich fuel mixture.

    I will check the pop off pressure to make sure that's within spec but I can't seem to find a genuine Keihin CDCV rebuild kit. Lots of aftermarket ones on eBay and on sites like SBT and but I've read mixed reviews on aftermarket carb rebuild kits.

    If you can recommend a rebuild kit, it would be greatly appreciated.


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    Welcome aboard, twistable_deer!

    There are no kits for the Keihin carbs. You have to buy the parts individually from a Kawasaki dealer or online Kawasaki source. Parts are expensive, so I look inside the carbs before I order stuff for them.

    Those stupid plastic ducts break all the time. I really don't know how it would run without them, never tried it.

    While you're working on it, take a look at the bearings on the oil drive coupling. There is an article somewhere about it, you can buy bearings for a whole lot less than Kawasaki wants for them. Get Japanese bearings, not Chinese junk.

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