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Thread: 05 4tec Misfire

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    05 4tec Misfire

    Engine ran perfect prior outing. Took out this time and I noticed a miss on cylinder #2. Tested at the dock by pulling the harness at the coil, no difference on the cylinder. Swapped plug and coil to no difference. Swapped a coil from cylinder #1 and issue stayed at #2 cylinder. Tested coil primary and have 0.9ohm and secondary has 7.3ohm. Both within spec. Fuse for cylinder #2 has 12v flowing through and confirmed 12v at coil and injector as they share the power wire. Spoke with dealer who said they were sure it was the ecm. Swapped ecms, no difference. Tested both coil and injector with noid light and am not getting pulse. Checked harness between ecm pin and coil and also ecm to injector, both have 0.0002ohm.

    Can anyone offer any suggestions? I feel like I'm checking the same things over and over now as I don't know where to go next.

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    Check your grounds, there are 3 of them on the front of the engine.
    I would check compression, but you say your not seeing injector or spark on that cylinder with tester. Does the tester show the other cylinders working?

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    All grounds were solid and tight. I did remove each and they weren't corroded, but definitely dirty. I sanded each terminal and the block. I'll try and get it to the water after work today to test. I did Noid test the other injectors on cylinders 1 and 3 and those are strong.

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    all this work and you did not try new spark plugs????????????

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