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    DIY pump Shoe Sealing

    I havenít seen much posted to explain how to do this for my GP1800r. I pulled out the intake grate and itís my understanding is that I fill the end that mates to the pump. That said, thereís a rubber strip attached to the ride plate that would be in the way if I completely filled that void. What do I do about the rubber piece?

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    Hopefully this photo uploads.

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    You are asking about what is often called a Ďpump seal kití.
    Why it is called that, I cannot say.

    I prefer to use a manufactured kit that consists of molded Ďrubberí inserts that slide into the casting cavities on the backside of the intake grate. R&D used to make a set that fit the OEM Yamaha intake grate for GP1800. I think this Worx kit fits the OEM GP1800 intake grates.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    The Worx product images suggest that you would need to notch the back of the big pieces to accommodate the rubber fingers. I had to do this with the R&D kit, IIRC.

    Riva makes a set that fits the Riva intake grate.

    I have also poured epoxy resin into the back side of an intake grate to fill the voids. You are correct that you must make provision for the Ďfingersí of the rubber sealing strip. Forming the pockets and getting them sized just right makes for a more involved project. Hence my preference for using the pre-molded kit.

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