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    Bent Impeller 2012 fxsho

    Hi Team,

    So I bought a tidy low hours ski for a decent price but was unable to test ride it, due to a few factors. Been out on it a few times, noticed though top speed was a bit lacking so had a look at the impeller and its had a rock through it. Stripped the pump and gave the impeller bit of a panelbeat (admittedly didnt do a great job, but it was better than before) it gained a few kmh, but developed a cavitation down low and vibration... Plus the fuel economy is diabolical at the moment. Ive had non supercharged yammies and they werent too bad, this thing though I did a small trip of maybe 7 kilometers the other day and a bit of fishing and used nearly 35L ( 10 gallons ) of fuel. I barely got to full throttle, cruised at around 35mph, did a little bit of stop start no wake stuff motoring around looking for fish, but covered very little ground. I guess my question is - And I probably know the answer, If i put a brand new non bent, non vibrating nice solas dynafly ys-df14/21 in, Will I save any fuel ? The wife is not amused as price of fuel at my local station is currently $2.68 per litre ($9.20 New zealand dollars per gallon) and It makes the fish I am catching quite expensive!


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    Wow! That's alot of fuel consumption! My FXCSHO didn't use near that much fuel. A good impeller will certainly improve it some, but sounds like it may have something else killing the fuel economy. Check your plate and grate, make sure they are lined up correctly. Maybe the previous owner had some performance parts installed that makes it burn more fuel?

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