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    Exclamation 2019 RXPX - ran 3 gallons of RV Antifreeze through the flush port without starting

    I ran 3 gallons of RV Antifreeze through the flush port (without starting) using a submersible pump and a 5 gallon bucket. I also didn't clamp any lines. I am worried that I should have not done this without it being started but a lot did just run out. Do I have a problem? Is there a simple way to tell? I did this as the last step in the winterization process.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    I would pull the spark plugs and crank it (with the throttle lever wide open) to see if any water comes out of the cylinders. If not, put the plugs back in and start it to ensure that it is running properly. If you blow the exhaust system out with about 55 psi of compressed air you don't need to put antifreeze into the exhaust system.

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    Just take the waterbox U hose off and look how full it is, should be easy to tell if it overflowed into the exhaust manifold.

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    And if you pull a plug and do have water in the cylinders, just extract it with the oil extractor you use for servicing. Works well!

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