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Thread: Shaft Lube?

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    Shaft Lube?

    I was wondering what grease/lube is recommended for the shaft. The lube joint I'm referring to is the one under the 3 person seat. Also how often should it be lubed?

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    I am going to use Amsoils marine grease. I am going to do mine after every ten hours of service. You can never do it too often. as grease is cheap and I am sure that repalcing those bearings, or coupler is not cheap, not to mention down time. Not sure what Honda recomends but this is what I am planning on doing.

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    Use a EP-2 grade of grease, i give it 2 pumps every 10 hours or 2 months.

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    hey guys, sorry I know this is an old thread. But what shaft are you talking about (is this the same as Zerk fitting I've read about on another thread)? I can't find this ANYWHERE in the Owner's Manual.

    If someone could clarify where I'm supposed to lube and what lube (CRC 6-56?)I would appreciate it.


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