First time poster, first time ski owner after more than 30 years of boating.It is in great shape but I did the normal fuel lines/filters,carb with OEM etc before taking it out.I have had this ski out half a dozen times and it has developed a issue of the speedo jumping around (even at idle) and the oil light flashing. When it does it the engine will cut out briefly or shut the ski down. It was very random but is now doing it more often.

I checked the battery ground at the block and the ground on the mag cover. Both looked good and were tight and corrosion free.I pulled the rear electrical box and made sure everything was tight and clean in there. All the plugs were unplugged and the pin fit was checked including the MPEM. I checked the voltage at the battery and it's charging normally and not over charging. I did try another rectifier and confirmed the problem is still there.

Anyone have any ideas? Anything else I can check that I am missing? The ski beeps twice and starts every time and if I hold the start/stop button without the key the gagues prove out like they should.