Have two 2007 F12X turbos in need of service. Both run. One has significant hesitation and bogs down when accelerating. The pump probably needs a rebuild as the wear ring is bubbled and corroded but I am not sure that is the whole issue. The other one runs fine until you go full throttle and then you get the "limp home" condition... turn off the engine and restart and it is fine until you go full throttle again. I had taken apart the turbo last season and freed up the waste gate and think it probably froze up again. That one probably also needs the pump rebuilt.

Can't go another season running like this and don't have time to take them apart and "guess" at what is wrong only to find out I fixed the wrong things. I am in the Ocean City NJ area and know of R-rated Performance up north but was hoping there is someone closer. Would love to get this taken care of over the winter. Otherwise maybe there is someone in the area that might make a reasonable offer to take them off my hands. They are fantastic when running as designed.