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    2002 Ultra 130 DI No Spark

    I'm new to jet skis, but not new to 2 strokes. New to me Ultra 130 DI has no spark. Where do I start diagnosing?

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    Welcome aboard, DLStryker!

    There have been a lot of problems with the ECM on the DI models. Before condemning it, I'd suggest that you disconnect all wiring harness connectors and inspect them with a lighted magnifying glass for moisture, corrosion, bent or loose pins, etc.

    The ECM requires cooling and there is even a mod to improve the cooling on it. Do a search here for more info.

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    "No spark" is a very common failure mode for the Kawasaki DI EMM's. I (via Lakeside Tech) will be happy to test/repair your EMM if needed.

    Other items (less common) could be bad crank position sensor (CPS), check ohms on it, should be a little under 500 ohms. A badly damaged stator could also be a culprit, but less likely since the ignition circuit needs a lot less voltage than the injectors do.

    You can unplug one injector at a time to see if the ski starts, and while doing so you can measure the voltage on the common injector wire to ground, should be around 18-20V cranking. (If it starts with a particular injector unplugged, the EMM has failed and needs repair).

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